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MLB   As in the NBA, there is a stench in the MLB that goes beyond words and the media, is glamorizing simple plays and not focusing in on what's going on in sports as a whole.  The NBA was a subpar product this year easily and now in the cross-hairs are the over paid pitchers and so called hitters that do not bring their A-Games on ANY Day.  You can include the Dodgers, Yankees, Detroit, Miami, Arizona, Houston, Minnesota and this list sadly continues. The product is weak and normal plays are just terrible.  Do players need to take Steroids to give the fans a better MLB product?  If this is the product that we get for the entire year, then yes. just do it!  

Verlander:  We begin with huge Salary pitchers who just haven't been showing up in games at all. In years 2011 and 2012 Verlander was to be feared as he won 42 and lost only 13. The year he gets paid 20 million in that summer, he's become an very average pitcher. The facts are that his numbers are WAY below what anyone would have expected over the past 2 years winning 19 and losing 19 or just a lousy 50%.  He has been hit and hit very hard over the 2 years.  Ok so the 20 million dollar baby was hurt so he couldn't play. He stopped playing as his pride was hurt.  Not any physical part of him.

Max Scherzer:  The Blue and Brown eyed Cy-Young award winner last  year has gotten paid Millions as well. Max was first in the AL with 21 wins last season and 5th overall in era at 2.9. This year last years CY-Young winner is as of 6/18/2014 is in the number 26 position with ERA and No. 28 in WHIP just behind his team mate Porcello. Scherzer gave up 7 runs in the 2nd inning to Kansas City Royals last night.   Turn this guy over he's done.  Maxx should feel disgusted regarding his performance and give back his cash.   

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