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Game Descriptions to Clients Q4 - 2014

Monday October 13, 2014

Eagles Nest

Baltimore Orioles -109

The playoffs are here and tonight the television viewers will experience the old "Okie Doke" and hood wink, when it comes to making cash. Everyone will be on the Royals to sweep this game as they swept the Angels.  " It will NOT  happen!". We know that this has been a tough year in baseball for DSP.  It's been a tough year for EVERYONE in baseball.  But we make tonight's call based upon many, many factors.  We begin our analysis by reviewing the Baltimore Orioles team.  First of all, we aren't sure when the was the last time this team went on a 3 game losing streak however, you can bet the farm that with precision, (not luck) Buck Showalters team will be directly on the spot tonight.  They will be where every ball is hit and we expect them to knock the ball of of the cover tonight easily.   

The Orioles have been our favorite this year and last year to win it all for good reason.  Last year the Orioles compiled a 85-77 record (3rd place in their division) tying New York Yankees. They however did not make into the playoffs as they struggled in the end.  This year, the Baltimore Orioles was only 2 games behind the league's best winner with the L.A. Angels who won 98 games.   As good as the Angels were this past year, they couldn't get past the smokin' red hot Royals.  

Don't get tonights game twisted.  This is NOT about what team is the best.  This game is solely about cash dollars for the media and everyone who is in this crooked arena.  Cash will ALWAYS be king and if we are reviewing the stats for this series, we will give it "Handsdown" to the O's.   If the O's lose tonight, they go back home being deflated and depressed about the season.  Don't worry about losing.  It won't happen tonight.  There's no way that this Kansas City Royals team repeat the play that they've enjoyed over the past 10 days.   They would have to have 10 rabbit feet, 50 genies to summon, 40 lucky stars, 16 omens and 22 white witch spells in order to win today.  Bottom line, our Orioles are HUNGRY monsters that haven't eaten in 5 days and they will starve if they don't win. They will be embarrassed.  It's not time to fold the tents and leave as this show has JUST begun baby. 

Take the Baltimore O's tonight as they "DESTROY" the Royals in a game that won't be close.  We are recording the ML -109 however, some of us are seriously taking the rl  +170.  Let's rock and roll tonight! 

Prediction: Orioles 7; Royals 3

September 12, 2014

Eagles Nest

Seattle Mariners -134

WTH? The Mariners may be in a 2 game slump and behind the once league leading A's, however here comes the strugglin, slumpin, scummin' , bummin' hate to see them comin' Oakland A's. They have quickly gone from hero of the AL west to the AL goat as they are 10 games behind the division leading L.A. Angels who are just kicking ass and taking names.  This has certainly manifested itself as the A's haven't won against a team that has a winning record since this trade.   

Doesn't matter who their pitchers are for the day or evening, they aren't very synchronized when it comes to anything these days.   On the opposite side of the coin we have the Seattle Mariners who can play and play well at home.  They especially play much better when their backs are against the wall.  In addition, these guys are just BETTER than the A's anyway you look at them from a synchronization to chemistry perspective to their pitching and batting averages. 

You don't have to be a statistical genius or even be good at handicapping to select this Seattle Mariners team tonight. They are playing against the woeful and "shoot me I am dying anyways" Oakland A's.  Besides,  when the Seattle Mariners win this new 3 game series 3-0 and be in 2nd place in this division, they get to fly down to Southern California and Anaheim California to bridge the gap which will be about 7 games behind them.    It's coming down to the end of the season and the big bats and good teams will flex their muscles leaving in waste any of the below average teams.  It is time for the former AL Champion Robinson Cano to make good on his 100 million plus salary.   This will happen and you can count on it tonight.   Take the Seattle Mariners in a game we should win by at least 4 runs.    We are recording the single money line play at -134.  However, do yourself a favor and take the rl +165 and the adjusted line at +225.  You will thank us the next day. 

Prediction: Mariners 8; Athletics 3                    Actual Final Score (Mariners 4; A's 2) Winner!

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