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Game Descriptions  Q4 2013

Dec. 7, 2013

Eagles Nest 

Michigan State ML +175

 What? Are you kidding me? Today, we bet the farm as the Michigan State Spartans will MURDER this overrated Ohio State team.  Urban Meyer is one of the best coaches in college football as indicated by his 31-0 record over the past 2 years.  Nick Saban (Alabama's) coach is the only other coach in College football that is better and understanding this information is indicative of why most of betting world will be on Ohio State -5 today.  However, we at DSP know and clearly understand that looking at the entire picture makes one very clear statement:   The lines makers are dead wrong about the spread and the wrong team is favored. In addition, they've LOST THEIR MINDS!. 

Last week we were on Auburn and Duke University as they won outright earlier. We couldn't get the plays out early enough to get to our clients however today, we are all over this play.  Ohio State's record isn't impressive at all.  The only team Ohio State has beaten within the past year is Wisconsin at their home. Pending dumb decisions by Wisconsin's defensive coordinators, this game should have been a walk in the park.  It wasn't and Wisconsin lost their 2nd controversial game in a row. 

Today, this all changes and the Ohio State Buckeyes gives up their winning streak. The Spartans are a MUCH better coached and talented team.  Ohio State will not get away with a "BONE HEAD" decision today as they did last week as the University of Michigan's coach decided to forgo an extra point and went for the 2 point conversion to win the game.  This will not happen tonight.  This game will not be that close.  If OSU were having trouble with the lousy and VERY mediocre Michigan Wolverines, don't you think that OSU will come close to handling this very powerful  Michigan State team?  What? MSU is FOR REAL and this game will not be close. We win this game by at least 10 today easily. 

The wrong team is favored in this game and we've never seen such blatant disrespect for a very good football team with regard to Michigan State University. Especially considering the fact that MSU is pla from home. Michigan State is much more aggressive, much bigger, much faster and they have one of the biggest advantages of the game today in being at home in their Spartan Stadium. 

Take the +5 tonight as it is EASY money. As usual, many of us are taking the outright +175 tonight.  We will record the +5.  Slam this game!!!

Prediction:  Michigan State 30; Ohio State 20     actual score (MSU 34- OSU -24) DSP winner!

Oct. 28, 2013


Boston Redsox +120

The lines makers want you to believe that this series is going to follow the accordance of "they win one, and then we win one and it is time for the St. Louis Cards to win one" We say this... Are they smokin' crack? and are they whacked?   Because this is preposterous and they know it.  Boston should have won in game 3 had the controversial and PREPOSTEROUS "Obstruction" rule not been called by the favoring umpire in this series.  Championship teams don't make excuses they find ways. We really like both teams here as they are both managed very well and they can certainly pitch and hit very well, however,This game and the series belongs to the Boston Redsox in our opinion as they have the "Stuff" that wins baseball games. It's urgency, skills, criticality and importance.    

We believe that this is enough for us and IF the St. Louis Cards continue to pitch to "Big Poppy" they will find this series over and in a hurry.  Big Poppy is hitting an incredible average in the playoffs and was up 7 times last night and was on base 7  times.  Big Poppy is also the heart and soul of this team as a leader and a mentor. 

This is yet again, "good enough for us".  Boston has a young and resilient team with a good mix of vets and young good talent with great tradition against a team that is very good but need more polishing to shine in that of the St. Louis Cards.  In addition, Boston has "Figured out" Wainwright. His shine has certainly left the team and is now just down right dull.  We win this game by 2 runs but we win it tonight in another very hotly contested game in the end.  Slam it baby!

Prediction: Redsox 4; Cards 3           Actual final score (Redsox 3; Cards 1) DSP Winner!


Oct. 18, 2013


St. Louis Cards +120

Say What? Yes. You see it the way we've written it.  In one write up we are praising Magic Johnson and the L.A. Dodgers and a for sure win against this St. Louis squad and then in the very next game we are taking the Cards? Are we talking out both sides of our mouths?  Yes. We are flippin' the script today for several good reasons.  

For DSP, it's not about taking the team we love so much, it's about making money in this business. Business is Business and nonsense is nonsense. My older brother has said many times when I was younger, " If it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't make sense."  Well it's true in this case. 

We saw the Dodgers win in L.A. against a tentative and very relaxed (too relaxed) Cards team in L.A. This changes tonight because of 2 reasons.   The first reason is simple. For some reason the Dodgers do not hit very well when Clayton Kershaw is pitching.  This Dodger team has the capacity to jump on his back and "ALLOW" Kershaw to do all of the heavy lifting.  This can work sometimes. However away from home this philosophy is just flawed and will not work. Clayton Kershaw has also given up 11 hits in 12 innings of recent and while he has one of the best era's in the business at .183, we just can't trust him in St. Louis with this type of pressure on him. 

The second and most compelling reason is that the Dodgers actually don't believe that they can win this series.  This was obvious in their body language during the previous game.  You can see it in their body language and in their eyes as the final inning was in motion, there was dis belief and fear.  However, we are NOT surprised that they won the previous game as Zack Grienke is just one of the best pitchers in the bigs. Frankly, we believe that Zack Grienke is better than Clayton Kershaw. The wrong guy is pitching today in our opinion. You need a win, you give the mound and stage to Zack Grienke.  If you want a good performance but an ending that doesn't end as the script is written then it's Kershaw. 

On the other side of the mound we have the St. Louis Cards who has their 2nd Ace on the mound in Michael Wacha who has been something to "Wacha" this season. The young 22 year old has a 6-1 record and an era at 2.78 while striking out 8 Dodgers. We believe that at home it is easier to win a game than lose one. This game is critical and we believe that the Cards are in synch to do just that to win this ball game tonight.  The confidence the Cards have at home is terrific. We've seen this movie before and we know how it ends.  

Take the Cards tonight as they celebrate in St. Louis while champagne flows and we get to celebrate while exchanging our tickets for $cash $DOLLAR BILLS with the first team to walk in the door as the NL Champions tonight. Slam it baby! 

Prediction:  Cards 3; Dodgers 1          Actual Final Score (Cards 9; Dodgers 0) DSP Winner!



Oct. 17, 2013


Boston Redsox +105

If you think that the Boston Redsox is going to lose 2 consecutive games in a row to this very mediocre team in the Detroit Tigers, you shouldn't be investing your money in sports. You should go and wash cars, drive buses and dream about some fantasy that will never happen.  You may as well be dreaming about taking Halle Berry, Gisele Bundchen, Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz Sanchez all out to dinner and then taking them to your 10 acre 20,000 square foot mansion with 20 bedrooms and 15 car garage in Pebble Beach after you've taken a HGH and Cialis for 3 months to prepare for the time of your life.

In other words, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN so just GET OVER IT!   The lines makers just continue to play games with peoples minds and imagination for many reasons and we aren't BUYING THE B.S or drinking the proverbial purple kool-aid. Yesterday's game did NOTHING more than to piss off this MUCH better Boston Team.  Keep in mind, we KNOW who Jim Leyland is and we know and understand his temperament.  We know that it wasn't Leyland that came up with this idea to move his batting order around.  We also know that this guy doesn't see very well and his best coaching days is all but over.  

Irrespective of our position with Jim Leyland who ISN'T playing tonight, we surely believe that the winner of this game wins the series.  This game will be played with purpose and fire tonight from both sides.  We are NOT going with Anibal Sanchez as the pitcher in this contest as he's just not the kind of guy that can stop this Boston team when their back are against the wall.   

We are taking the Vig +105 and the Boston Redsox to just finish the Tigers tonight and upset the fans as they know and understand that the feat of winning in Boston 2 games in a row are slim and NONE.Let's celebrate EARLY tonight.  Take the Boston Redsox in a close game in which we win 4-3.

Prediction Boston 4; Tigers 3                  Actual Final Score (Redsox 4; Tigers 3) DSP Winner!


Oct. 14, 2013


L.A. Dodgers +104

What?  Listen, we already know and understand that this series will be the best series of both of the playoff games. L.A. will win this series. Yes. Down 0-2  the Dodgers will find a way.  Did you know that "Magic Johnson" was part of the management/ investors for this organization? If you didn't you should.  Do you remember back in the day when Ervin "Magic" Johnson inserted his will and was involved with Michigan State and the L.A. Lakers his first 2 years, do you remember the outcome(s)?  Championships.  When this guy gets involved with any organization providence is moved and somehow, someway, through alchemist or some magical spell placed on his opponents, it just happens.   In his NBA debut as a rookie in the finals of the 1980 in Philadelphia, (The NBA's scoring leader of all time Kareem Abdul Jabbar) was out injured.  Magic, Jumped Center and played as if "Cap" or Kareem was being channeled through him.   Not only did he grab over 10 rebounds and 40 points and 10 assists, he decimated that All-Star Philadelphia team that included Dr. J, D. Dawkins, Cheeks, B. Jones, Hawk etc. and no one could believe that this was unfolding right in front of their eyes.  This same "Magic Johnson" is now involved in L.A. obviously in a different arena/park and we get the exact same results. 

The L.A. Dodgers have out hit the Cards in each game by a count of 18-10 or 60-42 over all in the playoffs.  The Dodgers also own the best batting percentage at .280 vs. the Cards which is in "LAST PLACE" at .187 in the early part of the 2013 playoffs.  That's even lower than the Pirates.   The Dodgers are a MUCH better team than the Pirates.  The Dodgers has also been in 3 national titles over the years and have been down 0-2 and has won each and every title.  This is NOT the MLB championship however, the Dodgers although they are hurting will MAKE this happen and win 2 straight here in L.A and maybe more.  It's time to step it up. It's time for a speech from their owner/investor and "CAPITAN" of sports and important wins.   It's time for a BIG win in L.A. 

Yes. We know and clearly understand that Adam Wainwright has just nasty and filthy pitching for the Cards. Wainwright is almost impossible to hit when he is on.  However, don't discount L.A.'s Rookie sensation from South Korea Jin RYU.  This guy is also filthy and his stuff is just as good. 

The Dodgers much like the Redsox were one night ago was in a corner and they (the Dodgers) will come out slugging and will play with fury, purpose, focus, concentration and with desperation.  The Dodgers win this game by a run or two but we win.  Slam it baby!

Prediction: Dodgers 6; Cards 2           Actual Final Score (Dodgers 3; Cards 0) DSP winner!



Oct. 13, 2013


Boston Redsox -120

We are on this game for one reason and one reason only. The Boston Redsox are a better team in our opinion.  The A's actually blew an "OPPORTUNITY" to be giant killers but their bats never showed up and consequently the A's lost 3 straight games. This will NOT happen to the Boston Redsox team which owned the best record in the Bigs this year.  Boston has to wake up tonight and win as they can't afford to go into Detroit down 2-0 in a 7 game series. 

You can expect them to come to play as if this game was the end of the world series if they are to consider a chance in being in the MLB Champion game next weekConsider this game a complete gift.  Even though Maxx Scherzer is one of the best pitchers in the bigs and probably the Cy Young winner this year for the regular season, he won't have enough to quiet the very NOISY bats today in Boston. Our selection wins today without fail.  We win this game 5-3 easily. Take the boys in Bean Town and let's get paid tonight!

Prediction: Redsox 5; Tigers 2     Actual Final Score: (Redsox 6; Tigers 5)  DSP winner!

Oct. 7, 2013


Oakland Athletics +110

This line is a straight up JOKE in our opinion.  If you have been slightly interested in bases over the past year you would have noticed Justin Verlander has been GARBAGE ALL YEAR LONG during the regular season.  In fact, he hasn't won a game in 6 starts. Losing to the Marlins, etc, etc.   He just doesn't have it any longer and just doesn't care in our opinion.  As in MOST of the big leaguers who get their money and then become unaccounted for with respect to finding the energy to continue on the straight and narrow.  It's not Justin's fault... it's human nature.  

Regardless, we don't care and this is a GIFT and we are certainly taking it.  We believe that the A's win this series EASILY.   The A's are MUCH better than the east coast give them credit.  We take this game to the BANK today as we just empty out the wallets of our books. We win this game 5-2 easily "Bank you very much".  Slam this game!

Prediction: A's 5; Tigers 3    Actual Final Score (A's 6; Tigers 3) DSP winner!


Oct. 5, 2013


Ohio State -7

WTH? Are you kidding me? With laughter abounding and huge KOOL-AID smiles that would make the Kool-Aid  Pitcher envious, we make bank here big time.  Irrespective of what everyone believes, we know one thing, A winner is a winner. Urban Myer and the Ohio State Buckeyes will MURDER this Northwestern team six ways to China. Don't get it twisted that their scare last week in Ohio against a hungry Wisconsin was a normal situation. Last weeks game was an ABERRATION of huge proportion with Wisconsin Badgers. Besides, Wisconsin is a VERY good team.  

Today, Northwestern gets the SNOT kicked out of them today and Ohio State wins by 4 touchdowns.  This line of 7 is a huge MISTAKE and the linesmen should be thanked in our opinion for scaring everyone else but us! We don't care it's EASY MONEY FOR US TODAY!  Ohio State makes it an over whelming 17-0 today with a BIG ASSED "W" to cover up the world. Slam this game!

Prediction Ohio State 47; Northwestern 28        Actual Final Score (Ohio State 40; Northwestern 30) DSP Winner!

Oct. 2, 2013


L.A. Dodgers -140

What? We can't believe this line.  We already know that Kershaw doesn't get any run support. Zero.  However, this changes today.  Kershaw is just filthy and nasty with his pitches as he demands and gets control of his stuff and he's essentially unhittable and is the Cy young winner yet for ANOTHER year (2013).   Today, Kershaw gets the run support he needs.  

Don't believe the B.S. you read about the lousy Braves or their 96-66 record. They've lost to the lowly Marlins, Phillies, Houston etc.  This game qualifies for an Eagles nest play for sure.   Don't take the hype about the Braves so seriously.  We win this game EASILY tonight in Atlanta.  

Prediction:  Dodgers 3; Braves 1             Actual Final Score  (Dodgers 6; Braves 1) DSP Winner!


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