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Game Descriptions to Clients Q3 - 2014

June 9, 2014


Chicago WhiteSox ML +115

What? Are we taking the WhiteSox who we can't trust at all? Ever? Yes. However, don't get excited as it WON'T happen frequently. We already know that the Detroit Tigers are NOT the team they once were especially when it comes to their pitching. We also understand that their hitting and average isn't what is SHOULD be according to ESPN, BASEBALL TONIGHT and the Detroit Newspapers online etc. They want to lead the general public to believe that they are the superior team in the Bigs when it comes to hitting etc, when they really aren't that good of a batting squad from a team perspective.  

In this contest the primary factor which facilitates a very good risk factor for a investment is as follows:

1.) The WhiteSox hits are 559 vs 547 with the Tigers. 

2.) The WhiteSox has nearly 20 more runs than the Tigers at 284 vs 265. 

3.) The WhiteSox has the last inning to be up as the y are at home tonight. 

4.) The Detroit Tigers have been playing like GARBAGE lately winning 4 of their last 10 (40%).  

5.) The Pitching is NOT what you believe it is with Porcello of the Tigers.  He may be 8-3 overall however, in the last 3 he sports a 6.00 ERA vs. his opposing home pitcher Noesi at a 2.33 ERA over the last 3 games. Confidence as a pitcher is key to doing ANYTHING as a pitcher.  It appears that Porcello has reached his peak and is beginning to nose dive into the clouds of the Atlantic and NOESI for the WhiteSox has figured it out after going 1-4. 

We have two teams headed in different directions at this point.  On the face of this game one would EASILY select the Detroit Tigers.  However, when you dig a little deeper, we would take the WhiteSox investment in a heart beat as the stats and good judgement would certainly indicate that the WhiteSox is in a better position with respect to winning tonights  game. 

Take the WhiteSox in this game which believe will go to extra innings and we believe that the extra innings belongs to the WhiteSox organization at home in a high scoring game. 

Prediction: WhiteSox 8; Detriot 6       Actual Final Score ( WhiteSox 6; Tigers 5)  Winner!

July 15, 2014


American League -106

What? Are you kidding me? Let's not over think this simple play.  We didn't do it in our Championship game in the World League Soccer match which we NAILED by the way with Germany ending it 1-0 for the finals and we get the +120 Vig.... AND we won't over think it today as there is NOTHING, ZERO, NADA, NIENTE, NICHTS, INGENTING or REIN to think about.  We said that in 5 different languages to belabor or exaggerate the point for a reason! 

There are many truisms in this experience or thing we called life that are constant and some of them are as follows:

The sun isn't going anywhere, the moon isn't going anywhere either, the Earth travels around the Sun as does all of the other planets in our galaxy, Elvis is deader than a door knob, So is the other King of Pop (Michael Jackson) and we ALL benefit from their genius, Former President George Bush Jr. was the BIGGEST IDIOT America has ever had as a President, Actor or Clown, Google's stock and company valuation is STILL way overpriced, Donald Sterling has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel AND he will NEVER own another NBA team, Water IS WET, an Elephant is Fat,  Bill Gates wasn't that smart, he was connected to wealth and was tapped on the shoulder as timing prevented the original sought after business man/ engineer was out flying his plane, the world is gaining size and getting bigger, In America the Sun Rises in the East and Sets in the West, President Clint did "Inhale" and had sex with that woman"!, Halle Berry is beautiful AND she's a piece of work,  Kareem Abdul Jabbar will NEVER see a head coaching job and his other Super inflated Ego friend Rick Barry won't as well,The NBA product is simply NOT that good any longer, especially if Joey Meeks fomer L.A. Lakers guard (3rd) year is making 19 million over 3 years? What? where are my damned shoes? Seattle Seahawks will win yet another SuperBowl over the next 2 years to become the first team to win back to back to back Superbowls ever!,  The Yankees, Atlanta Braves and WhiteSox organizations intentionally throws games, the Catholic Church has been and will always be a SCAM and so was Joseph Smith and his crew and so is the California Lotto, Thurgood Marshall was WAY to old to be on the Supreme court Bench, Killing "Mother" or "M" on the recent SKYFALL or 007 James Bond movie was a tragedy. 

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, Let's get back to the MLB and the Truism of today which is plain and simple:

The American League is simply FAR better than their opponents tonight in the National League.  It's like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson playing 2 on 2 basketball against Brent Musburger  and Chick Hearn playing against these two basketball giants.  One side is all action and the other side is ALL talk and NO action.   This MLB All-Star game is simply a stupid game on paper and if we look at the statistical factors, it certainly outweighs any factors you can dream up.  Because in order for the National League to win tonight's game, everyone including the coaches from the American League will have to be sleeping and in a nightmare at the same time in order for the National League to pull this game off.

The only Giant on this NL team is pitcher Wainwright from St. Louis Cards.  Yes, we already know and understand how filthy this guy throws and is almost un hittable.  However, Wainwright will have to step aside at some point and allow the other pitchers get their pitching into the game.  We are not undermining the first 2 pitchers in the NL however, the final 4 pitchers aren't doing so well and besides, the AL bats that are on our side is like comparing a AK47 rifle to a musket.   We will take Cano, Cabraera, Trout, Suzuki, Beltre, Bautista, Altuve, Jones and Abreu and crew over the NL batting leaders any day of the week and especially on Tuesdays.  

Enough said, this game is over.  We are recommending and recording the American League (AL) -106. However, some of us are going further and taking the American League rl +175 because we don't think that anyone can contain the bats of the (AL) irrespective of the pitching prowess or skills for 8 innings. 

Take the American League and laugh your way to the bank and pick up your ticket and cash!

Prediction: American League: 7  ; National League: 2             Actual Final Score ( A.L. 5; N.L. 3) Winner! 

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