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Game Descriptions to Clients Q2 - 2016

May 6, 2016

Eagles Nest

San Antonio Spurs -2

What the hell? This game is a serious big fat no brainer.  Anyone who has watched the NBA over the past 25  years understand that this game is pretty much over before it even begins.  The San Antonio Spurs may have struggled in the own home against the lucky and implausible and awaiting to "Implode" tonight Thunder, however, this won't happen again.  It's like getting struck by Thunder in the same place two times in a row. Which is unlikely to happen as the odds are RIDICULOUSLY high.  

This is the easiest play on the board by FAR in our opinion.  There's no analysis needed.  We don't use this play lightly.  All we know is that the only team or area in the country that is wearing rose colored glasses and hoping for a win is everyone in Oklahoma.  Everyone else in the country has common sense.  No way on earth that the Thunder comes close to winning this game.  They just aren't good enough and aren't coached well enough.

Start laughing your way to the bank now.  If you can get credit or a margin from your man, you need to wager 10 million on this game. If we could get even a million dinero we'd certainly take it.  Happy Cinco De Mayo (one day removed or one day late), an early Merry Christmas and Hallelujah to you and everyone that reads this today.  Slam this game baby! 

Prediction:  Spurs 110 - Thunder 98                   (Actual Score: Spurs 100; Thunder 96) DSP winner! 

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