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Game Descriptions to Clients Q2 - 2015

April 20, 2015


New Orleans Pelicans +13

The New Orleans "Pelicans" or those crazy angry birds especially the bird with the "UNI-BROW" are better than advertised.   Anytime you win against arguably one of the best teams in the NBA hands down in the final game of the season to get your team into the playoffs, you have done your job well.  Does anyone believe for one minute that this San Antonio team wanted to be on the road and play against a very talented team like L.A. Clippers?  A team who own a 30-11 record in the regular season?  A team whom has played without arguably their best player and the best power forwards in the game in Blake Griffith? Seriously?   The answer is no to the first question. 

There is NO way that San Antonio looked forward to meeting and greeting the NBA/ TNT cameras in L.A. where they aren't favored to win this contest and as the Clippers win by a margin of 10 points per game or more in their place.    The truth is this:  San Antonio played their best game in New Orleans and they didn't come close to winning. In fact, in parts of this game they were down by more than 15 several times.  Understanding this truth only underlines and highlights that the Pelicans are a very good team if they are forced to be one and their backs are against the wall. 

 If you think that 4 points was close on Saturday evening, this contest will be even closer tonight.  We say that this line is about 8 points off and that the filthy dancing and NBA playing birds will have an opportunity to win today's game much easier than a normal fan might believe based upon three primary resources: 

1) The athletic agility and ability of the Uni-brow aka Anthony Davis.

2) The better than average scorer, shooter and play maker Tyreek Evans is WAY better than advertised offensively and defensively.

3) The NBA former Miami Heat player Norris Cole who has 4 years of playoff experience and this includes 3 in the finals.  Keep in mind that Norris knows more about basketball than one will think.  Defensively, he's excellent and doesn't make many mistakes. 

These 3 embody the primary engine of the Pelicans. They MUST find a way to send a message to the Warriors today.   We believe that Cole and Evans are certainly under valued by the league however we at DSP understand the quality of play regarding these two guards. 

Don't get it twisted.  We love the Warriors! The Warriors are a great team offensively and defensively we clearly think that they are 2 of the best teams in the NBA for sure. However, nothing more is untrue that this will be a cake walk for them.  You can always tell when there is a little B.S. going on with a line when the linesmen insert the same exact line that they had in the previous contest involving the same two teams.  It's B.S and we all know it.  How many Golden State fans believe that they will win by more than 12?  Many,  and the dirty birds may not cover this line.  However, we are on the other side of this for the reasons that we stated in this article.   

We believe that the birds will go to AD more than usual and that getting him involved earlier will be the key to their success in covering this lofty number.  It is the playoffs and if you don't win, you go home!  Again, the Warriors are favored for a REASON and it is reasonable to believe that they will cover this number during the regular season.  NOT IN THE PLAYOFFS!?!?!?!  Slam this game! 

Prediction:  Warriors 110:  Pelicans 106      (Final score: Warriors 97  Pelicans 87) Winner!


April 14, 2015


Detroit Tigers  +117

While we aren't big Detroit Tigers fans during the playoffs, they have proven themselves to be quite resilient and even very good during periods of a long arduous spring, summer and fall team. There is no reason to go against a team that is 6-1 (leading their division), Slugging Percentage .528, who leads the league with .337 batting average, 45 RBI's and whose on base % is over 41 percent.  In addition, let's not forget Detroit has the 3rd best  ERA in the league at 2.47 after 7 games.  

The only reason to go against this team is when Justin Verlander is on the mound for the Tigers. Don't you remember, that guy that is getting paid over a 100 million dollars over the next 5 years whose ERA went from 2.3 to 4.6  in tw0 years after he was paid a multi-million dollar contract?  Yeah, that's the guy.  Verlander is "Like a box of chocolates".  You never know what you are going to get when this guy is on the mound.  He has also been injured ever since his agent negotiated that lofty contract.  Good for Justin, bad for Tigers. Thank goodness he hasn't pitched  for the Tigers' past 7 games.   Seriously, these two teams (Detroit and Pirates) are just two different teams right now and when you are the Pirates and you lose to the lousy and non-playing baseball team like the Milwaukee Brewers 0-6 and get swept by the very mediocre Cincinnati Reds team to open your season, your ball team has many, many problems.  

Keep in mind that the Pirates were up yesterday 5-1 and gave up 3 runs in the final inning to win only 5-4.  Yesterday was an aberration and will be the very last game the Pirates will win this season against Detroit.  The Pirates only got out of that situation with witch craft, rabbits feet, worry beads and praying to any or all of the 5 thousand Indian Gods that exist to get into the "W" column last night. They won't be that lucky today irrespective of who they pray to, what they rub, and what crucible, vat, pot or cauldron their witches cook in and what crazy kind of pig or chicken feet or spirit they try to invoke.  

 We are not going to focus on pitching today as it won't matter. Whom ever will be the pitcher for the Pirates today (as of this writing it is 38 year old A.J. Burnett), they are in some serious trouble and we may be witnessing a football score today of 10-3.   The Pirates organization just isn't what it should be since 2 years ago when they were surging and playing well.  Like many organizations who surge, (that doesn't have a history of playing good ball), they will give it up today like a "2 dolla whore" in New York in the early 70's or a so called expensive call girl whose on meth, that gets $100.00 waved in her face for a good time.   

This game is over before it starts.  If you think that a 38  year former Yankee reject is going to  blow pitches by the best hitting team in the bigs, then I have an 1 acre plot of  land (no structure, no trees and no house) property to sell you in Sudbury, Canada for a cool 40 million.  In other words, this game is a slam dunk. 

Take this game and pick up your money now. Run don't walk and slam it baby!

Prediction: Detroit Tigers 9;    Pirates 3                     (Final Score: Tigers 2; Pirates 0) Winner!

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