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Get your DSP plays for the day.  Welcome to the year 2020!  There is greatness in details and being patient.  We are now in the sweet portion of the year whilst the NFL is in the playoffs and the NBA, NHL and NCAAB  are in full swing   We are certainly cleaning up the wins as we are 2-0 at the moment of this writing and we look forward to the NBA Playoff push as teams begin to show who they REALLY are with respect to earning value and you money.    We don't have many NHL games however, when we have them we play them.. It's rare until the playoffs are here.  We have your winners! What a time to harvest new opportunities.  These are exciting times and there won't be another time like this ever as we have what it takes to deliver winners.  Currently, we are 92% and exceeding our goal so far this quarter. We couldn't be happier.  We don't play much, but when we do, we just flat out kill it.    Oh what a feast we have in store for our clients. 

We are so very excited about this time of year!  We can have up to 3 plays daily depending upon what the situation and odds are for that particular day.  We are currently 77-9 or (91%) in our overall best play and we are continuing to make modifications to our software to provide us with better looks at teams and their trends, data and team frame of minds. We clearly believe that we can be 90% or better in this industry year round and that is our goal. However,  like all other goals we've reached, we will reach this one as well. Our goal is to be number 1 in this industry. 

Each of our plays utilizes factors that causes full strengths winners. If the plays do not meet all of the criteria there will not be a recommendation.  With each package we utilize different factors based upon the best favorite on the board to the biggest Barking Dog and the most unique play on the board (Eagles Nest).  

The Eagles Nest play is designed for the wise  investor.  This game must meet 100% of all of our factors and if it doesn't we will not risk our or your investment.  Our Eagles Nest Investment as of  January,  2020 is 77-9 or (91%). We put as much effort into all of our plays but our biggest plays are for investors whose risks are lower than the others.  We don't play it often, however when we do reveal this play to our clients, it's very sound and very real.  It's the "Bet the Farm" investment.  

Our results speak for themselves. We've been at this for more than 18 years.  

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