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Welcome to Data Stat Professionals (DSP).  We are a team of analytical Silicon Valley Professionals who work for fortune 500 companies in various technical positions that have turned our focus, attention and energy to the Sports Entertainment Industry.  We are also sports enthusiasts whom played college, pro sports and coached for many years.

We have the technology, experience other crucial information to determine the "True line" and capitalize on investments for our clients.  We also have the technology to filter out games that are too risky to invest your hard earned money.  Our computer generated lines not only have over 32 critical factors in determining the right outcome, we can literally weigh the most critical factors and then utilize our "Infinity" process to even come closer to the actual line.   

We derive our opportunities by filtering through non critical data and moving in the direction of providing sound information to our clients.  If you are looking for an honest, technology based gurus that understand data trends and sound data and information that you can invest in.... you've landed at the right website.   
The primary reason for creating this site was out of frustration.  The frustration was caused by disorganized information that resided all over the web/internet about sports match ups and team information. The information is out there, however, it is chaotic, unreliable, and difficult to understand.  There are many sites, companies, and people who glamorize the (ATS) against the spread  values and provide bad information. The only piece of information those people want to know is your credit card number.  
We are different.
We have combined the brightest Silicon Valley probability and statistical engineers with sports experts to achieve the trademark analysis found on this site.  Our team of professionals are degreed, intelligent, and are sports hounds who follow this religiously.  We "harvest" the data from over 30 sources on a daily and hourly basis to determine the straight up (ATS/SU) winners and true line dogs.  We fully understand probabilites, trends, and information and on this site we have implemented and brought to one place every method available to get the best possible real time analysis for team matchups and ATS winners.  
As a future customer you will be entrusted with REAL tools that provide profitable results whether you are a scout, coach, sports handicapper, fan, or writing an article for ESPN or the New York Times sports section. This information is compiled by math and statistical calculations and complex and creative analysis by sports minded individuals that are about getting consistent results for the customer. 
Our motto is simple:  We tell the truth and our tools are excellent!
You won't find us on YouTube or any other self promoting sites as our information speaks for itself.  This site was built to help you succeed in winning and determining which game is going to win and by what spread.   Enjoy your stay.  No one will call you or sell your information.  This is a self sufficient website.  
Sign up now and get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your interest.
Data Stat Pros - Managing Director, Engineer and Team of Staff Professionals  

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